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Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips for Black Women

Black is beautiful. Here are a few beauty tips for black women, because black beauties are forever!

Black is beautiful, elegant and bold. Black beauties have a charm like no one else. Their distinctive hair and glossy complexion allows them to experiment much than their imagination. If Tyra Banks, the sensuous black model can carry her hair, looks and color with panache, other black women also can. Beauty tips for black women are meant to enhance the features that they have.

Dreaded Locks
Black hair is usually dry and brittle. Thus it requires extra care and protection as compared to normal hair. Using a lot of heat and chemicals to work out different black hairstyles and color your hair can lead to severe damages. To make your black hair look beautiful, regularly deep condition them and moisturize the dry ends of your hair daily. Cover your hair with a scarf whenever your step outdoors. Keep trimming your hair to avoid split ends and the dead weight. Use protective hairstyles like buns, braids, and wigs. Use hair care tips for black women to protect your hair and prevent usage of chemicals on the hair.

Black Skin
Women vie for sun kissed skin tones. Black women are blessed with it. For make-up on black skin, use a foundation that is the same as your skin color, or else the skin looks chalky. They say, black skin is ageless as it naturally protects the skin from aging due to ultraviolet light. However, as it ages dark spots becomes visible. Use a cream that lightens the spotting and discoloration. Acne marks and pigmentation are other possible problems of black skin, which can be taken care of by acne prevention. Healthy diet, workouts, moisturizing, cleansing and scrubbing the skin will keep the black skin look timeless!

Black Eye Beauty
Dark circles around eyes make the black facial skin look dull, drab and lifeless. Hide those dark circles with concealer of the same shade as your foundation. To make your eyes look younger and sharper, use an eye liner around the rim of your eyes. Try to get the same color as your skin below and above your eyes to make your eyes stand out. This will also add a glow to your skin.

Glossy Lips
Keep the colors on your skin as subtle as possible. Wear a color on the lips that suits your skin tone. Glossy shiny lips look fabulous. You can wear this look anywhere you want. It looks equally good when worn as casual, formal or for a party.

The biggest faux pas is overdo of makeup. Dusky skin has its own shades, which can look gorgeous if left alone. The secrets is to be as natural and as simple as possible. Nude makeup looks the best and goes with any attire and occasion. Colored women often feel ignored by beauticians and cosmetic companies. However, the truth remains that no beautifying product or company has been able to realize that beauty lies skin deep and not in applying some chemicals. Good skin care and healthy living will enhance your beauty inside, of which the exterior is made of.

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    Cardin to show new collection in Belgrade this weekend

French designer Pierre Cardin will present a new haute couture collection in the palace of Serbia's crown prince Aleksandar II Karadjordjevic, the palace media service said Thursday.
"He will personally present a new collection of some 200 designs" on Saturday in Belgrade, a spokeswoman of the Karadjordjevic family, which plays mainly a social role in Serbia which is a republic, told AFP.
Cardin, 89, is due to arrive in Serbia's capital Friday, she added.
Italian-born Cardin has been a trailblazer in a career that has spanned more than six decades. He was one of the first designers to bring Western style to Asia and one of the first to develop brand licensing.
His name now adorns hundreds of products worldwide: from shirts to bottled water to furniture.
He announced in 2011 that he was looking for a buyer for his label -- so long as he retained artistic control and received the one billion euros he insists the company is worth.